Fido to go!® FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Care


Best to keep cookies in zip lock bag or air tight container in the freezer. Keep in mind, there are no preservatives and cookies may mold if left out. Cookies last up to 3 months in freezer and 2 days in refrigerator. It only takes a few minutes to thaw one cookie on your counter at room temperature.


Store in a brown paper bag or keep out and lasts approximately 6 months to 1 year.

Freeze Dried Raw Treats

Once opened use within 2-3 months or as directed on bags.

RuffCup Dairy & Non-Dairy Frozen Cups

Store in the Freezer for up to 3-6 months. We recommend 3 months for freshness.

D.I.Y. RuffCup Dairy & Non-Dairy Powder Kits

Make and use within 3 months of purchasing. Store your DIY frozen treats in freezer for up to 3-6 months. We recommend 3 months for freshness.

How to Get Involved or Partner with Fido to go!®

Will You Go to Events?

Yes, please contact [email protected].

Do You Donate?

Yes, we do donate. However, we don’t mention the charities we give to because we do so out of the bottom of our hearts and not for advertisement nor publicity.

Organizations & Causes

Fido to go!® is a firm believer in supporting charitable causes that help animals in need such as Anti-Cruelty & PAWS Chicago, Disabled Dogs, Veterans, rescue organizations, senior pets, CPD K-9 Unit and Hurricane victims just to name a few.

We no longer advertise and promote our donations as we feel that giving should be strictly from the heart and not for the promotion or publicity of Fido to go!®.

General Questions

Do You Make Birthday Cakes?

We make them fresh for our Chicago location only. Please text Brian at 630-945-7176 or DM us on any of our social media channels. Please note that we do not ship cakes.

Do You Make the Cookies & Frozen Treats?

Yes, we hand make the cookies & frozen treats.

Do Your Treats Have Chicken in Them?

Only if it says chicken. We don’t have any hidden ingredients.

How Did You Think of the Truck Idea?

To be honest, I thought of it at Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago in 2008 while catching some sun and hearing an ice cream truck. I looked up at the sky when I thought of it, laughed super hard, and thought it was the dumbest idea I ever thought of. Did it! Of course, it helped I already had my education in show dog grooming and animal nutrition. It’s all about passion.

We had nobody to copy from, and nobody had any advice to give since we were the first in the world.

Fast forward to May of 2011, Fido to go!® made its debut at the Anti-Cruelty Society’s, Bark in the Park!

Are Either Brian or Kevin, Donna's Husband?

Neither of them are Donna’s husband.

Where to Find Us!

Where Can We Find Your Truck?

Follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TIKTOK for our weekly schedule

Do You Have a Store?

Our truck is our store… and we can’t wait to see you at it!

Do You Sell Products In Stores?

We have begun the process and will have more details once everything is set in stone. If interested in selling our products in your store, please contact  [email protected].

What Sets Fido to go!® Apart from the Rest?

World’s First Dog Treat Truck

  • We serve up the dogs on wheels with healthy treats and no hidden ingredients!
  • Our Cookies and Frozen Treats are handmade in Chicago using high quality U.S.A. ingredients.

Allergen Free:

  • Fresh baked handmade soft cookies–free of: corn, dairy, egg, gluten, grain, soy, additives and preservatives.
  • Handmade Frozen RuffCups® – Free of: corn, egg, gluten, grain, soy, additives and preservatives.